Resistance Conductance & Ohm's Law

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The opposition to the flow of electron is called resistance.


Resistance is the property of a material due to which it opposes the flow of electric current. "R" represents it. It, s unit is called ohm. Ohm is represented by omega (Ohm symbol)

Mille Ohm symbol = 10-3Ohm symbol

Micro Ohm symbol = 10-6Ohm symbol

Nino Ohm symbol = 10-9Ohm symbol

Pico Ohm symbol = 10-12Ohm symbol

133Ohm symbol = 1 kilo Ohm symbol

106Ohm symbol = 1 mega Ohm symbol


When one volt is given to a circuit due to which one-ampere current flows then the cuircuit resistance will be 1Ohm symbol.


The resistance will be one ohm when ampere current flows in a circuit in one second and one-joule energy produce.


Conductance is the propertey of material due to which it allows the flow of electric current. "G" represects it. It unit is called Simon.

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