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Direct Coupled Amplifier

As shown in the below diagram, the direct coupled amplifier (DC) is consist of two transistors Q1 and Q2 , a voltage divider base bias resistor network (R1, R2) which is provided on the transistor Q1 base two collector resistors Rc1and Rc2,

Control Systems Static and Dynamic

If the object of the control systems is to maintain a physical variable at some constant value in the presence of disturbances, we call this system a "Static control system" or a "regulator".

UJT - Uni Junction Transistor

The UJT Stand for Uni Junction Transistor. It has one PN junction and three terminals. As shown in the below figure.

Resistance Welding

Two pieces of metal may be welded together by passing large current of 1000A to 100,000A through these pieces. These pieces force together between the two electrodes of the welding machine.

Self Generated Transducers

The self generated transducers don’t use the external power supply source. However they provide an electrical output when stimulated by some physical form of energy. The self generated transducers are sub divided into many groups.

DC voltage regulators

The main property of the DC voltage regulator is, if there is any change in the I/P voltage, the O/P of the voltage regulator will be constant. And further we can adjust the O/P voltage according to our requirements

Process Control

Process control can be defined as the function and operation necessary to change or stop a device or material either chemically or physically.

PUT - Programmable Unijunction Transistor

The PUT stand for Programmable Uni Junction Transistor, it is actually a type of Thyristors and not like the UJT at all. The only similarity to a UJT is that the PUT can be used in the same oscillator to replace the UJT.

LASCR - Light Activated Silicon Control Rectifier

The LASCR is triggered into the Conduction state when the light falls on it, the operation of LASCR is similar to the ordinary SCR except that its gate can be triggered by light.

CT Scanner

The CT Scanner is the abbreviation of computer tomography scanner. The invention of CT Scanner in 1970 was made possible by a previously established insight and development of the dedicated minicomputers.

Saturated Core Reactor

Saturated Core Reactor acts as a variable inductance connected in series with load across an A.C power supply. Its look like a transformer having two or more windings around a core of steel.

Transistor Timer

In electronics timers the output of the timing element is used as a trigger pulse for BJT, FET and UJT, the active devices element signal is amplified and this way this signal is used for the load control switch.


Solar Cell symbol It is a device which converts the light energy into electrical energy. When light is allowed to fall on this cell, the cell generates a voltage across its terminals. This voltage increase whit increase in the light intensity.

Comparison of imperial and metric conductor sizes

The table in this article show the comparison of imperial and metric conductor sizes in detail

LED - Light Emitting Diode

LED SymbolWhen the diode is forward bias, electrons cross the PN junction from N-type material and recombine with holes in P-type material free electrons are in the conduction band and at a higher energy level then the holes in the valence band.


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