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Photo transistor Symbol The photo transistor has a light sensitive collector base PN junction. It is exposed to incident light through a lens opening in the transistor package. When there is no incident light, there is a small thermally generated collector to emitter leakage current, this is called dark current.


The transducer may be defined as any device that convert the energy from one form to another, Most of the transducers either convert electrical energy in to mechanical displacement and convert some non electrical physical quantities like temperature, Light, Pressure , Force , Sound etc to an electrical signals.


Piezo Electric Oscillator The frequencies which are beyond the limit of hearing are called ultrasonic. The ultrasonic waves are of frequencies above 20000Hz (20 KHz).

Silicon Controlled Rectifier - SCR

SCR construction and SymbolThe SCR stand for Silicon Control Rectifier, it is used in industries because it can handle high values of current and voltage.


Induction heating is the process in which heat is produces inside a conducting material (magnetic & non-magnetic), according to the Faraday’s law of electro magnetic induction, when ever a conductor is palace in a varying magnetic flux, the EMF (voltage) is induce in that conductor.

Di-Electric heating

To heat that material which can not conduct electrical current, in this process heat is produce in non conducting materials internally. This type of heating require the frequencies above 1 MHz to 50 MHz, the current can not flow through these materials, high voltage is applied across the materials by placing it between several  parallel conducting plates(electrodes).

Three Phase Full Wave Rectifier Using Six Diodes

In this circuit six diodes, Q3 transformer whose primary delta winding and secondary is star winding is used.


FET-electronic-symbolFET stands for "Field Effect Transistor" it is a three terminal uni polar solid state device in which current is control by an electric field.


DIAC AND TRIAC working, construction and operation.diac and triac are semiconductor thyristor devices.

Programmable Logic Controller - PLC

PLC microprocessor based control systemPLC stands for programmable logic control. It is computer designed to be used in industry. It controls the different process and is programmed According to the operational requirement of that process.


X-rays definition, working, block diagram and x-rays machine lectures notes.What is X-Ray, X-Ray Machine, X-Ray Medical Usage, Production of X-Rays, Parts of X-Ray Machine


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