Energy Bands

When no of atoms is combining then the whole energy levels are dividing in sub energy levels and become overlapped.

Work Power & Energy

What is work, Power & Energy. Thermal efficiency, Joules Law, Heating effect of current, Horse Power

Transistor codes

There are three main series of transistor codes used in the UK:Codes beginning with B (or A), Codes beginning with TIP, Codes beginning with 2N


Transistor is an three layer PNP or NPN semiconductor device with two junctions. Transistor is made from semiconductor materials

Transformer Resistance Test

Resistance Test on a Transformer Connect an ohmmeter across the two ends of the primary winding of the transformer and record the resistance.

Transformer Characteristic

The power in the primary winding of a transformer transfers to the secondary. This is illustrated in the example below.

Transformer Types

There are basically two transformer types . Step Down Transformer, Step Up Transformer


A transformer is an electrical device used to change the value of an alternating voltage. transformers are widely used in electrical work.

Thevenin's Theorem

Thevenin's theorem is a procedure by which we change a complex network in to simple network called thevenin's equivalent circuit.

Superposition Theorem

In superposition theorem any linear bilateral circuit, which contain, G/R of same frequency the current that flows in any branch