Inverter is a device which converts the DC power into A.C and desired voltage and frequency. Inverter with two SCR’s T1 and T2 and one T/F is shown in figure. The anode of T1 is connected with upper terminal of primary winding while the anode of T2 is connected with the lower terminal of primary winding.

The DC battery is connected with the center tapped terminal of the T/F and cathodes of both SCR’s connected with the -ve terminal of battery. The o/p is taken from secondary winding of T/F which may be square wave. The two SCR’s are triggered in to conduction region alternately for same period of time but don’t trigger at the same time. As a result current through the primary becomes alternating which induce an AC voltage across the secondary of the T/F. The secondary AC has square wave shape as shown in figure.

Single Phase Inverter
(a) Single Phase Inverter (b) Output Waveform

Uses of Inverter

  1. The inverter used in air craft power supply
  2. Mostly used in UPS system
  3. It is also used in induction & dielectric heating process
  4. It is used speed control of AC motor.