The ward radar means radio direction and ranging. Radar is a system which is used to find out the direction of the target. It is also used to find out the range of that target from the reference place where radar is installed. The radar is used in the circumstances where a human eye cannot detect the target due to the distance or bad weather condition. The radar system works irrespectively in any weather condition or darkness.

Basic Radar Block Diagram

Basic Radar Block Diagram

Types of Radar

  1. Pulse Radar
  2. Beacon Radar
  3. Analog Moving Target Indicator Radar
  4. Digital Moving Target Indicator Radar
  5. Continuous Waves Radar
  6. Frequency Modulated Continues Wave Radar
  7. Phase array Radar
  8. Navigational Radar
  9. Plan Array Radar
  10. Low Range Navigational Radar
  11. Short Range Navigational Radar
  12. Tracking Radar
  13. Traffic Radar
  14. Height Finder Radar
  15. Weather Radar
  16.  Surveillance Radar
  17. Primary Surveillance Radar
  18. Secondary Surveillance Radar

Types of Radio Direction Finder (R.D.F)

  1. Long range RDF
  2. Medium Range RDF
  3. Short Range RDF
  4. Uni-Direction Finder
  5. Bi-direction Finder
  6. Balance Loop Direction Finder
  7. Un Balance Loop Direction Finder
  8. Automatic Direction Finder
  9. Marine radio Direction Finder
  10. Aviation Radio Direction Finder
  11. Low frequency Addock antenna Direction Finder
  12. High Frequency Addock Antenna Direction Finder