Microwave Devices

There are two groups of microwave devices. Semiconductor Devices, Tube Devices

Microwave Communication

Microwave refer to high frequencies (above 300MHz) and short wave lengths, at the microwave components depends on the changing

Travelling Wave Tube (TWT)

The Traveling-wave tube can be used as a medium or high power microwave, amplifier. The TWT, because of its construction and working

Travelling Wave Maser


The travelling wave MASER (T.W.M) consists of a wave guide structure in wh


A maser is a device that produces coherent electromagnetic waves through amplification by stimulated emission.


The Magnetron is a high power microwave oscillator, uses the interaction of electric and magnetic fields in a cavity to produce oscillations of very high power.

Laser Accessories Part 3 (Q-Switches)

The Q-Switch is a device which is placed inside the laser cavity. Main purpose of the Q-switch is to rapidly change the feedback of a laser cavity from minimum to maximum.