Laser Accessories Part 3 (Q-Switches)

The Q-Switch is a device which is placed inside the laser cavity. Main purpose of the Q-switch is to rapidly change the feedback of a laser cavity from minimum to maximum.

Essential Laser Components

There are four essential or basic components of laser, may be listed as:Active medium, Excitation mechanism, Feedback mechanism, Output coupler.

He-Ne Laser

He-Ne stands for Helium-Neon. The He-Ne laser active medium consists of two gases which do not interact form a molecule.

Ruby Laser

The first working laser was built in 1960 by Maiman, using a ruby crystal and so called the Ruby laser.

Gallium Arsenide Laser

The gallium Arsenide laser is designed in such a way that a piece of N-type Gallium Arsenide material is taken and a layer