This Privacy Policy

  1. This Privacy Policy describes the way the Company collects and processes the information provided by the end users, including personalized or non-personalized types of data. Personalized data is understood as the information may include the data that identifies or describes a user or another identifiable individual. Non-personalized data is the information that does not identify any user, in particular, providing anonymous, generalized information.
  2. The Company is committed to the principles of personal data security and only uses the information to provide better service to the users.
  3. Company aggregates non-personal data which cannot identify a user. Such data includes the apps' installs, the frequency of the launches and the use of different screens in the application. We also collect non-personalized data about the devices' models, software versions, the countries where the application is used, and the language. Also, the users may be asked to leave an email to get access to certain additional features and to participate in marketing activities.
  4. We strongly believe in the principle of data protection and safety, thus, the Company does not collect, store, process or transfer any personal information of users besides the cases when such information is provided by the users with their clear consent.
  5. The Company may disclose the information provided by the users or collected otherwise in certain exceptional cases including a legal process or by request of the law enforcement agencies. It is also possible in case of investigations, including those concerning possible fraud, terms of use infringement or other cases that are potentially harmful to the Company. Besides that, data can be shared or disclosed to prevent harm or damage to the users.
  6. If Company faces reformation such as acquisition by another business, company merger, or other, the information collected by the Company can be transferred to the according parties.