Half Wave Controlled Rectifiers

Controlled rectifiers, or converters, as they are generally called, are broadly classified into full-controlled and half-controlled types.

SCR Ratings

The ratings of a semiconductor device give the values for the various conditions that a manufactu

SCR in Series

The maximum power that can be controlled by a single SCR is determined by its rated forward current and rated forward blocking voltage.

Zener diodes

Zener diodes are used to maintain a fixed voltage. They are designed to 'breakdown' in a reliable and non-destructive way so that they

Voltage Multipliers

In voltage multiplier circuit two or more peak rectifiers are cascaded to produce a d.c voltage equal to multiplier of the peak input voltages

Vacuum Tube Triode

Triode is a vacuum tube with three electrodes which are cathode, Anode and a control grid. The function of additional third electrode

Vacuum Tube Diode

A Vacuum tube diode is a two electrode vacuum tube as its name shows DI for two ODE for electrodes. The two electrodes are cathode and anode (plate).