Power transistor

Power Transistor SymbolThe bipolar power transistor is a three layer NPN or PNP device within the working range, the collector current IC is a function of the base current IB,


Gate turn OFF (G.T.O) Thyristor

Gate OFF Thyristor StructureThe conventional thyristor can only be turned off by effectively reducing the anode current to zero, but the gate turn off thyristor, as its name implies, has a structure such that it can be turned off y removing current from the gate. Read more about Gate turn OFF (G.T.O) Thyristor

Thyristor Gate Firing Networks

Typical Firing CircuitA firing network consists of a Transformer for isolating a resistor R1 to limit gate current and a resistor R2 to limit gate voltage. When the thyristor is in the OFF state Read more about Thyristor Gate Firing Networks

How to turn off the thyristor

Thyristor Current During Trun offTo turn off the thyristor the anode current must be reduced below the holding level and a relatively long time allowed elapsing for the thyristor... Read more about How to turn off the thyristor

Thyristor Volt Ampere Characteristics

Thyristor With gate terminal openThe thyristor in this condition may be considered as three diodes in series, with directions such as to prevent conduction in either direction. Read more about Thyristor Volt Ampere Characteristics


Thyristor was invented in 1957 at Bell Labs. They are extensively used as switches, operating from conducting state to non-conducting state.


Tunnel Diode

Tunnel DiodeThis diode was first introduced by Dr. Leo Easki in 1958. It is called a tunnel diode because due to its extremely thin depletion layer, Read more about Tunnel Diode

ISO Connector for car audio

ISO 10487 Car Audio connectorISO 10487 car connector pinout configuration and specification. Read more about ISO Connector for car audio

Display Port Pin-out

Display Port Pin-out configuration Display port, Mini Display port pin-out configuration and layout. Read more about Display Port Pin-out

ATX Power Connector

24 pin ATX12V 2.x Pin out configuration for the ATX power cable connector. Different types of ATX Power Connector. Read more about ATX Power Connector

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