Symbols And Abbreviations

Abbreviations of Symbols used in electronics.

Thyristor Gate Firing Networks

Typical Firing CircuitA firing network consists of a Transformer for isolating a resistor R1 to limit gate current and a resistor R2 to limit gate voltage. When the thyristor is in the OFF state

How to turn off the thyristor

Thyristor Current During Trun offTo turn off the thyristor the anode current must be reduced below the holding level and a relatively long time allowed elapsing for the thyristor...

Thyristor Volt Ampere Characteristics

Thyristor With gate terminal openThe thyristor in this condition may be considered as three diodes in series, with directions such as to prevent conduction in either direction.


Thyristor was invented in 1957 at Bell Labs. They are extensively used as switches, operating from conducting state to non-conducting state.

Rotary Or Mechanical Dial

Rotary Or Mechanical DialA Rotary Or Mechanical Dial is an impulse sending device. When the subscriber lifts his handset, the D.C. loop is completed and steady current flows through the line provided by the exchange.


LVDT Linear Voltage Diffrential TransducerLVDT consist of one primary winding and two secondary windings, which are placed at either side of the primary winding on the same magnetic core as shown in figure

555 timer IC as a-stable Multivibrator

A 555 timer IC is used a a-stable multivibrator as shown in the given figure (A). The threshold input is now connected to the trigger input (Pin 2), the resister R1, R2 and capacitor C1 for timing network which set the frequency of the oscillator.


In the Pulse modulation, the continuous signal is converted into a series of pulses, each proportional to the amplitude of the signal and corresponding in time to it.

PUT - Programmable Unijunction Transistor

The PUT stand for Programmable Uni Junction Transistor, it is actually a type of Thyristors and not like the UJT at all. The only similarity to a UJT is that the PUT can be used in the same oscillator to replace the UJT.


Waveguide is the type of transmission line which carries microwave frequencies from source to load. The energy is in the form of electric field and magnetic field which are perpendicular to each other the electric field and magnetic field inside.


Co-axial CableTransmission line is defined as the path of carrying alternating electrical energy from source to load. For example the wire used between T.V antenna and television set or the wire used between transmitter antenna and transmitter are known as transmission


   With reference to an electrical system, noise may be defined as any unwanted form of energy which tends to...

Short Circuited Transmission Line

Short Circuited Transmission LineAs shown in the diagram at the short circuited end the current is maximum and voltage is minimum. At each λ/2 interval. This behavior is repeated if we move away form the load end towards the source.


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