Basic Electronics Notes

Diodes in Series

The maximum power that can be controlled by a single diode is determined by its rated reverse voltage and by its rated forward current.

Diodes In Parallel

If the load current is greater than the current rating of a single diode, then two or more diodes can be connected in parallel

Magnetism Rules

Magnetism Rules, Cork Screw rule, Fleming Right Hand Rule, Fleming Left Hand Rule

Atom Energy Shells or Levels

Each discrete distance orbit from the nucleus corresponds to a certain energy level. The electron which rotates in the lowest

Energy Bands

When no of atoms is combining then the whole energy levels are dividing in sub energy levels and become overlapped.

Work Power & Energy

What is work, Power & Energy. Thermal efficiency, Joules Law, Heating effect of current, Horse Power

Transistor codes

There are three main series of transistor codes used in the UK:Codes beginning with B (or A), Codes beginning with TIP, Codes beginning with 2N