Digital Electronics Notes, lectures for engineering and diploma students

LC feedback Oscillator

These are resonant circuit or tank circuit oscillators. They are commonly use to produced high frequencies as ranging from I MHz to 500 MHz

Digital Multiplexing

Digital Multiplex System (DMS) is the name shared among several different telephony product lines from Nortel Networks for wire line and wireless operators

Decoder & Encoder

Decoder is a circuit which converts the digital signal into analog signal. Its input will be in digital form while the output will be a continuous sine wave or analog wave.


A comparator is a device which is used to sense when an arbitrary varying signal reaches some threshold or reference level.

Chopper Amplifier

Let us assume that we are required to amplify a small signal say of the order of millivolt and that the signal v(t) is one in which change in volt with respect to time i.e.

Binary Arithmetic

Each digit in binary is a 0 or a 1 and is called a bit, which is an abbreviation of binary digit.

Basic Digital Concepts

By converting continuous analog signals into a finite number of discrete states, a process called digitization,


The circuits in digital computers follow the logic of mind. Hence symbolic logic, invented by Boolean for solving logical problems, can be applied in the analysis and design of digital circuits.

8086-8088 Microprocessor BIU Unit

8086-8088 Microprocessor BIU Unit generates the system central signal and accept these signals. It keeps the pre-fetch queue filled with instructions