Control Systems Static and Dynamic

control systems Static

If the object of the control systems is to maintain a physical variable at some constant value in the presence of disturbances, we call this system a "Static control system" or a "regulator".

One example of a regulator control system is the speed control Systems on the AC power generators of power utility companies. The purpose of this control systems is to maintain the speed of the generator at the constant value that results in the generated voltage having a frequency of 50 Hz in presence of varying electrical power loads.

control systems Dynamic

The second class of control systems is the dynamic control systems or servomechanism. Although this form was originally applied to a system that controller a mechanical position or motor, it is now often we to describe a control system in which a physical variable is require to follow, or track, some desired time function.

Static Dynamic Control System
Static Dynamic Control System

An example is the control system of a robot is which the robot hand is made to follow some desired path in space.

A second example of this type of system is an automatic aircraft landing system, which the aircraft follows, a ramp to the desired touchdown point. For example, large passenger aircraft can be landed automatically at many airports.

Ml (Multi Input)

In a control systems when there are two or more inputs variable and one output variable it is known a Ml.

The control of the speed of motor there are two forces acting upon it.

  1. Torque, which is controlled by the input voltage or current
  2. Disturbance (Externals).

Therefore there are two inputs variable and one output variable.


When there are two or more variable input and two or more variable outputs this is called MIMO.

The Engine of An Aircraft

The input variables are fuel rate and propeller blade angle and output variable are turning speed of the engine and inlet temperature. Any variation in the inputs can effect the speed and the temperature of the engine.


SISO stands for single input single output. In this system there are only one input variable and also only one output variable."