Industrial Elelctronics Notes

Thermal or Steam power plant

Thermal Or Steam Power Plants are those power plants that run on steam. In thermal power station fuel is burn and the is used to convert water into steam

SCR Protection

To obtain satisfactory and reliable SCR operation, it is necessary to provide protection against over voltages and over currents.

SCR Gate Triggering Circuits

For proper operation of circuits using SCRs, the trigger circuits should supply the firing signal at precisely the correct

SCR Turn Off Commutation Circuits

If an SCR is forward-biased and a gate signal is applied, the device turns on. However, once the anode current IA is above the holding current,


Three types of rays emits continuously from a radium material. These rays are known as alpha rays (a rays), Beta rays (p rays) and gamma rays (x rays).

Transistor Timer

In electronics timers the output of the timing element is used as a trigger pulse for BJT, FET and UJT, the active devices element signal