UPS - Uninterrupted Power Supply

Some time disturbance of power supply creates a number of problems.  Especially in sensitive departments such as Radar System, Hospitals, Telephone exchanges and industries etc.

In below UPS block diagram typical stand by power supply system with T/F arrangement automatically  provide the energy if the normal voltage fails. Stand by power supply system are off-line or stand by at normal position. During normal operation the incoming voltages are rectified by rectifier circuit  and supply to the battery for charging and also applied to the inverter which changes the DC voltages in to AC power, if commercial power is interrupted the battery provides power to the inverter circuit, therefore the UPS system is always final source for the load.

UPS Block DiagramUPS Waveform Diagram

Uses of UPS

  1. It is used in radar system
  2. It is also used in TV system
  3. In large scale used in industries for process control
  4. It used with personal computer in offices and at homes
  5. In computer installation industries the UPS in must
  6. In telephone exchanges the UPS system is use to protect damaging expensive machinery.
  7. It is also used in optical fiber system (OFS)
  8. It is also used in theaters
  9. It is used in hospital in emergency wards like CCU, ICU and OT s
  10. The stand by voltage system is used in large scale in sports complexes at night events.